Going on vacation? Snowbird?
Vacant home?

Your home is a huge investment and should be checked on regularly when you aren’t there.

Let us care for your home while you’re away.


Providing peace of mind when you need it most.

Why hire Summerland Home Watch?

  1. Did you know most insurance policies require that your unoccupied home be checked every 72 hours? We conduct detailed home inspections and provide a comprehensive customized inspection report.
  1. You probably know someone whose water tank malfunctioned while they were away. We help prevent damage before it happens in your home (and on your property) and work fast to mitigate any issues.
  1. Unoccupied homes are a target for crime. With our police background we’ve witnessed this first hand. Drawing on our extensive professional experience, we use multiple strategies to reduce your risk and ensure your home looks occupied while you’re away.
  1. Trusted, honest, and service driven. We are bonded, licenced, and insured.

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