Answers to some of our frequently asked questions:

Our extensive professional law enforcement background has given us at Summerland Home Watch a unique insight into crime and crime prevention. We also have many years of experience being relied upon by family and friends to care for their homes while they are away.

A security system is an important additional layer of security but it cannot detect issues such as leaks and appliance failures which are the subject of many insurance claims.

Additionally most home insurance policies deem it necessary to have a vacant residence physically checked every 72 hours. In the event of an insurance claim while the homeowner was away from their home they may not be covered by the insurance provider if the home was not regularly checked on.

You certainly could. However family and friends are most often not trained professionals and may overlook small but significant details that Summerland Home Watch would detect based on our experience. Additionally the burden of regular home checks placed on family and friends may become an imposition over a period of time.

We are very fortunate to live in a relatively crime free community however crime rates have been increasing in recent years. Criminals are opportunistic and are quick to detect vulnerable targets such as unoccupied homes. Based on our professional experience Summerland Home Watch can help you mitigate the risk of being a target of criminal opportunity by taking steps to ensure your home looks occupied.

Sure here are a few examples:

  • garbage and recycling bins left at the curb
  • Overgrown lawn and garden
  • Dried out lawn and plants
  • Snow covered driveway with no foot prints around
  • Junk mail lying at doorstep
  • Newspapers on your driveway despite the fact you cancelled the service
  • House left in darkness
  • Vehicles haven’t moved in days

Based on our lengthy police experience in a variety of fields we feel that Summerland Home Watch can offer a unique and unparalleled level of service based on trust, integrity, and attention to detail.

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