Home Inspection Checklist

Our comprehensive Home Watch service includes a detailed interior and exterior check of your home and property.

We are just getting started when we collect your mail and check your hot water tank.

$35.00 per Home Check


  • Thorough walk through of your entire home to confirm everything looks in order
  • Ensure alarm system is functioning properly, if applicable
  • Check for any visible signs of water damage/leaks from ceiling, under cabinets, toilets and any appliances that use water
  • Monitor thermostat and adjust as required depending on season
  • Periodically rotate the lights on and off to give the appearance that the home is occupied
  • Check all interior windows and doors to ensure secure
  • Mail retrieval. Forward or hold mail, by request
  • Run taps and flush toilets
  • Check appliances to ensure they are functioning (fridge, freezer, hot water tank, furnace etc)
  • Water plants if requested
  • Take out household garbage on applicable garbage day and return bins if required
  • Ensure systems are functioning properly after power outage and deal with spoiled food if needed


  • Complete a perimeter check of your property and confirm all accessible windows and doors are intact and no signs of tampering
  • Retrieve any flyers, papers or deliveries left at the door or driveway
  • Clear bugs and cobwebs from doorways and windows
  • Confirm no sign of damage from adverse weather activity
  • Create an appearance of occupancy to deter break ins such as leaving tracks in the snow, adjust lighting
  • Move vehicles to different positions if requested
  • Start vehicles if requested
  • Check any detached garages or outbuildings
  • Check all exterior hoses and faucets for leaks
  • Check for any sign of pest infestation
  • Email a Home Watch report plus photos after each check

Concierge Services

Concierge services to make your time away as well as your homecoming, completely stress free.

Imagine coming home to a freshly cleaned house and a stocked fridge? Just two of the additional services we offer.

$30.00 per Hour

(per person when applicable)

  • Meet and provide access to service technicians if needed
  • Collect parcels or accept deliveries during your absence
  • Arrange for shipping of items to your location if needed
  • Exterior plant watering

  • Lawn cutting
  • Pool and hot tub maintenance (facilitate)
  • Freshen up home – vacuum, dust, wash floor
  • Grocery Restock (plus the cost of groceries)
  • Respond as an emergency contact/keyholder (not as a security company) to any tripped alarms. Will conduct thorough inspection of property and attempt to ascertain the cause for the alarm.  Will liaise with emergency personnel if required.  Will re-arm system upon departure and advise homeowners of any issues. Available 24/7.  Additional costs apply.